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Swiss Cherry
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Swiss Cherry’s thermal insulator™ is an innovative, environmentally friendly and very efficient thermal barrier, which we believe looks really good too.

They are perfect for reducing the drafts that come with traditional sash windows and for improving the thermal efficiency of modern conservatories with bi-fold doors.

Available in natural linen/cotton from Switzerland, they are discreet and add a contemporary touch to your home.

For a more edgy, urban look, we’ll develop exclusive designs later this year in co-operation with a world-renowned art and design institution in London.

Filled with Swiss cherry stones, our thermal insulators are made to measure and manufactured in Switzerland.

Swiss Cherry’s thermal insulator™
Nature’s ingenious way to insulate

  • Reduce draft of sash windows; increase thermal efficiency of bi-fold doors
  • Save energy bills and improve your carbon footprint
  • Natural, eco-friendly, sustainable resourcing
  • A bespoke, stylish quality product from Switzerland

To clean
Put it in a pillowcase to hand wash (40 degrees)

To dry
Hang it up or tumble dry (check label; not all fabrics are alike)

To store
Keep in a cold and dry place

Replace accidentally damaged products, as loose cherry stones can be hazardous to children.

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Swiss Cherry Thermal Insulator

Swiss Cherry Thermal Insulator

Swiss Cherry Draft Excluders

Swiss Cherry Draft Excluders



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Price €43.50