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Swiss Cherry
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Combining the traditional manual massage with the additional effect of thermotherapy, Swiss Cherry’s massage ball™ is available in two different sizes – 300 and 350 grams. They come in discreet natural cotton and later this year in exclusive designs developed in co-operation with a world-renowned art and design institution from London.

Designed with professional health therapists, they are great to fuse the benefits of manual massage with thermotherapy. Similar to the Thai’s herbal compress or Aryurvedic bolas massage – just safer, completely dry and more rigorous.

Filled with Swiss cherry stones, all our massage balls are manufactured in Switzerland.

Swiss Cherry’s massage ball™
For the natural, deeper heat massage

  • Relaxes neck tension, relieves shoulder pain, reduces stomach cramp, backache etc
  • Natural, eco-friendly, sustainable resourcing
  • A stylish, quality product from Switzerland

Once heated, Swiss cherry’s massage ball™ gently releases its heat. Thereby extending tissue, decreasing stiffness and reducing pain as well as providing additional proteins, nutrients and oxygen for better healing through the increased flow of blood.

Our massage balls will shortly undergo a field study to research best practice and professional insight. We’ll publish the findings as we get them.

To heat
Place in a microwave (max 3 min at 700w) or oven (15 min at 150° Celsius), turning half way through.

To cool
Place in a plastic bag and then into your freezer for at least 60 minutes.

To reheat
Allow to cool off completely and sprinkle with water periodically to prevent the cherry stones from drying out completely.

To clean & store
Pack in a pillowcase to hand wash (40° Celsius), hang up to dry or tumble dry (check label; not all fabrics are alike). Keep in a cool dry place.

Check that the massage ball is not too hot for your skin. Replace accidentally damaged products, as loose cherry stones can be hazardous to children. Massage balls are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. When pregnant use necessary caution. Should any discomfort persist, seek medical advice.

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Swiss Cherry Massage Ball

Swiss Cherry Massage Balls



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