The cherry stone’s ability to store and gently release heat, plus the intriguing fact that they mould themselves into any environment, inspired us to develop a novel thermal neck pad.

Neck Pads

Swiss Cherry’s Neck Pad™ is an innovative, environmentally friendly and very efficient tool for natural, safe and clean thermotherapy. Providing you with all the benefits associated with hot or cold compresses, they look great too.

They come in two innovative designs. A large version for self-treatment at home and a lighter one designed for treatment on the go.

Available in discreet natural linen/cotton from Switzerland and later this year in exclusive designs developed in co-operation with a world-renowned, leading art and design institution from London.

Filled with Swiss cherry stones, all our neck pads are manufactured in Switzerland.

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Swiss Cherry’s neck pad™
The all natural heat pad

  • Relax neck tensions, relieve shoulder pains, reduce backache etc
  • Natural, eco-friendly, sustainable resourcing
  • A stylish quality product from Switzerland

Once heated, the Swiss Cherry neck pad™ gently releases its heat into your neck and shoulders. Thereby extending tissue, decreasing stiffness and reducing pain as well as providing additional proteins, nutrients and oxygen for better healing through the increased flow of blood.

Alternatively, fresh from the freezer, our neck pad is ideal to treat acute inflammation, pain and spasm.
Like ice, only better.

Neck / shoulder pain
Apply hot neck pad 3 times a day (10 min) and relax in a comfortable position.

Abdominal spasms
Apply hot neck pad freely in 10 minute sessions (5 min for kids) resting in semi-seated position.

Back pain
Apply hot neck pad 3 times a day (10 min) and relax in a comfortable position.

Acute headaches
Use frozen pad freely for 5 min sessions on forehead in a relaxed position.

Sprains / contusions
Use frozen neck pad frequently for 10 min sessions during the first 72 hours of injury.

To heat
Type and size of the cherry stone influence its heat storage / transmission. So start heating your neck pad gently, turning it half-way through: In a microwave (2 min at 500w) or oven (10 min at 120° Celsius) and go from there...

To cool
Place in a plastic bag and then into your freezer for at least 60 minutes.

To reheat
Allow to cool off completely and sprinkle with water periodically to prevent the cherry stones from drying out completely.

To clean & store
Pack in a pillowcase to hand wash (40° Celsius), hang up to dry or tumble dry (check label; not all fabrics are alike). Keep in a cool dry place.

Check that the neck pad is not too hot for your skin. Replace any accidentally damaged products, as loose cherry stones can be hazardous to children. Thermal neck pads are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. If pregnant use necessary caution. Should any discomfort persist, seek medical advice.

Swiss Cherry Neck Pad