Nature’s thermal gift, the cherry stone has been used by generations of Swiss farmers in oven-heated pillows. To give beds and aching bodies extra glow and comfort.

Swiss Cherry

The cherry stone’s unique ability to store and gently release heat combined with the intriguing fact that they can mould themselves into any environment fascinates us. That’s why we researched their thermal properties and brought together specialists across industries to develop our initial range of products that includes:

Massage Balls

Combine the traditional manual massage with more rigorous thermotherapy. For spas and professional therapists.

Neck Pads

Enjoy the benefits of natural thermotherapy. For self-treatment at home and on the go.

Thermal Insulators

Reduce draft and unwanted airflow. For traditional sash windows or bi-fold doors in modern conservatories.

All Swiss Cherry products are manufactured in Switzerland using, whenever possible, environmentally friendly materials from sustainable sources, applying fair production processes.

Massage Ball

Neck Pad

Thermal Insulator